Above Below & In-Between by Ved ChirayathAbove-Below-&-InBetween

Above, Below & In-Between

On exhibit August 2013

@ The Sacramento Temporary Contemporary


Above Below and In-Between Exhibition by Ved ChirayathDSC_4979

Photo by Megan Prakash

Opening Reception 8 August at 18:00

"Technology Behind the Images" Talk 10 August at 17:00


Live Solar Viewing 10 August 15:30-17:00

Come August 10 to the Temp gallery to see the Sun live through my hydrogen-alpha telescope, and see the Above, Below & In-Between exhibition 15:30-17:00. Admission free. Seriously, seeing the Sun churn and boil in all its cosmic splendor in real time is one of the most formidable experiences I have ever had in my life. I highly recommend a view!

Venus Transit 2012


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     Above, Below & In-Between offers a perspective of our galaxy, life and perceptions of temporal and spacial scale. For this photography exhibition, I pioneered a new imaging technology called Fluid Lensing and used mathematical projections and mapping techniques to capture unprecedented high-resolution photographs of celestial events, including the Venus Transit and Supermoon, the tallest organisms on Earth, Sequoia sempevirens of Northern California and marine organisms including an array of coral species imaged for the first time through the surface of the water. I explore the three main realms of our existence, the land, the sea and the sky, and reveal some of their unique denizens.


     As a photographer and a physicist, I aim to share my fascination with the nature of light through the photographic medium. My work features diverse facets of the visual world, including the discovery of an extrasolar planet in high school with amateur equipment, Vogue fashion shoots in Moscow, tsingy and bats in Madagascar and celestial phenomena. I did my undergraduate degree in Astrophysics at Moscow State University and Stanford’s Physics Department. I completed my Masters and Ph.D from Stanford University's Aeronautics & Astronautics Department.


Above, Below & In-Between Exhibition Pieces on Display