Internship Program

As part of our mission, vedphoto offers students and young adults exciting opportunities to get involved in cutting-edge research, photography and fine-art projects. Interns at vedphoto get hands-on experience with photography. Interns learn the ins and outs of the photographic process, modern digital imaging techniques and printing, framing and wrapping processes.


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Applications welcome year round. Please submit your CV and contact information here if interested.


2013 interns:



Leo Kheyn-KheyfetsDSC_0099

Leo Kheyn-Kheyfets

My name is Leo Kheyn-Kheyfets, and I am currently a second year Undergraduate Physics Student at Rochester Institute of Technology. My main interests are physics and photography, which led me to working with Vedphoto. The company gave me the opportunity to combine my two interests and work on research that leads to one of a kind products. This internship at Vedphoto has been a fantastic experience. This is the only internship I know of that allows you to combine art and photography to come up with one-of-a-kind products. During this internship, I have gotten the chance to really hone my photography skills and understand it from a more artistic aspect. This is my second year working for Vedphoto where I continue to learn and grow as a budding physicist and photographer.


Megan Prakash

Megan PrakasheDSC_5097

My name is Megan Prakash and I am a rising high school senior at The Harker School. I am interested in astronomy, image processing, and photography, and am an avid photographer and graphic artist, working in both journalism and fine art.

After less than two months of interning for Ved, I've already been able to learn and create things that I can't imagine any other workplace providing. Spending one day in a lab with camera equipment, the next underwater at Catalina Island, and the third back at Stanford learning how to wrap canvas was only the beginning. Ved's unique cross-discipline work also let me feed and apply my interests in physics, astronomy, and -- most uniquely of all -- fine art photography.








Photo of Corinn SmalleDSC_4239 Corinn Small

My name is Corinn Small. I am going into my third year at the University of California, Davis as a microbiology student. My interest in microbiology as well as marine biology has fueled my extreme passion for the conservation of our natural environments. This is why I wanted to work with Vedphoto--specifically to help with the exhibition, Reactive Reefs. The project brings the degrading state of our ocean directly to the public’s eye; hopefully convincing people, who don’t normally think about their carbon footprint, into striving to be more conscious of who and what their contributions are first affecting.

Working with the sea anemone, Aiptasia pallida, and documenting its bleaching process with an artistic twist, is a wonderful way to boost my (and other’s) curiosity and to assist professionals who share in my passion.