I call it the Delta Flyer (obviously). Here it is:



The goal:













Design a three-person solar-powered electric bike that can go 45+ miles on a charge and haul my dog in an attached trailer as well. Motorcycle you say? This is pretty much what it amounted to, so I stopped riding it after about 1000 miles. When I say solar-powered, I should point out this means you park it and charge it using a folding solar panel (I found an ex-army 85 Watt panel on eBay that does the trick).

The build:



IMG_0944 IMG_0945



Final Specs:

Frame: Yuba

Power systems: 2700 Whr battery capacity

72V 40Amp Digital speed controller

85W CIGS flexible solar panel (stored in rear pod for deployment at destination), MPPT charge controller recharges battery on an opportunity basis (you're not going to get a full charge obviously in a day)

5W auxiliary mono-crystalline solar cell for bicycle lighting systems and backlit informational display

Motor: 3kW peak, 72V DC sensor-less hub motor on 26'' wheel

Max speed: 47.5 mph (tested)

Range (no pedaling): 55 miles (1 rider), 35-45 miles (3 or 2 people)

Maximum combined payload capacity: 300 lbs rider + 440 lbs cargo (passengers)

Brakes: Front and rear 203mm rotor disc brakes



Fun project and good learning experience, but other research (and value for my life) got in the way from further development. We now ride along in one of these:


So far - 1900 miles without any problems at all (except crazy California drivers). Also, I can call and complain to someone if it breaks down in the future. Delta Flyer - it just fell on me and didn't get up because I loaded it with way too many LiFePO4 batteries. Whose fault? The designer.


The Past: