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Taken 14-Dec-12

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Space Vikings

Space Vikings

NASA Ames Research Center leads the charge in small satellite innovation and development while evoking the Viking spirit of exploration and adventure. NASA Ames Center Director Dr. Simon P. Worden poses alongside the Vikings of Bjornstad for this photograph to personify that spirit and highlight NASA leadership in the modern space age. The next generation of small satellites, known as CubeSats, float above and herald a new era in space exploration and science. These CubeSats can be launched into Low Earth Orbit at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, allowing more frequent, and more accessible scientific missions.

Photographer: Ved Chirayath
Producer: Michael Bush
Makeup Artist: Inna Mathews
NASA Ames Center Staff: Dr. Simon P. Worden, Center Director, Karen Bradford, Chief of Staff, and Carolina Rudisel, Executive Secretary.
Vikings of Bjornstad: Jack Garrett, Kay Tracy, Victoria Parker, Patricia Petersen, Brian Agro, Henrik Olsgaard and Ed Berland
CubeSats: Pumpkin Inc.
Volunteers: Andrew Elmore, André Sales, Katie Zacarian, Heather Kline, Zhirjian Qiao, Katheryn Bradford, James Schalkwyk, Sahadev Chirayath